Journal Formatting Service

We are experts in Journal Formatting, we have a team of professional editors who does the needful as and when required. You only need to send us the name of the journal you are submitting to and its website.

In the start of the work, our teamassess the journal’s guidelines and the authors select the type of formatting (e.g., research article, letter to the editor, or short communication) for their paper, abstract, and submission letter. Then, with this input, our team adapt your paper to fit the style guidelines of a specific journal or publisher.

Once our team has edited or translated your paper, we send you an open file of the edited version with the editors’ comments for reading and making desire changes and your feedback. Once you have accepted all of the changes and deleted the editor’s comments, you need to send us this version of your paper for formatting.Our services include:

  • Adapting text to suit style, spelling, and punctuation requirements
  • Reformatting references and citations
  • Reorganizing or renaming the main sections of manuscripts
  • Rearranging tables, figures, and legends
  • Adhering to special instructions (e.g., acronyms, units, and symbols)
  • Rearranging text

We ensure 100% quality formatting.