Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Service

We are thesis and dissertation formatting service providers, we have a team of dissertation and thesis writers who ensure that the precise formatting standards required by dissertation committees are met. We understand your concern and hence we give you the best services to avoid rejections in the university. We ensure 100% quality services,we send you the final draft to be completely ready to publish.

We offer two types of thesis and dissertation formatting services, these are:

Layout Formatting ($3/pg.-$4/pg.): Our layout formatting service ensures that your dissertation or thesis complies with university guideline requirements, and covers the following elements of formatting:

  • Preliminary Pages
  • Pagination
  • Figures & Tables
  • Headings & Subheadings

Citation Style Formatting ($1/pg.-$2/pg.):In citation style formatting service we format parenthetical, footnote, or endnote citations and external reference lists etc.

NOTE:$2/pg. when ordered alone and $1/pg. when combined with proofreading or editing.Our normal rate for layout formatting is $3/pg. and this rate is discounted to $2/pg. when included with one of our proofreading or editing services. Please note that our layout service does not address the internal contents or arrangement of figure images or tables, these additional re-tabulation and design services are charged at the rate of $30 an hour.