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In the journey of self-publishing a book, all you need is a reliable partner to turn your manuscript into a work of art. And BFS is always there to professionally format your manuscript; thereby, your artistic work gets noticed as it deserves. Let’s enlighten the world with your hard work coupled with a professional touch.

What We Offer​

We know how difficult it is to transform your ideas into writing. An author needs to burn his midnight oil to create a manuscript. It won't be wrong to say that writing a book takes blood, sweat, and tears. Obviously, nobody wants to get their efforts ignored; we do so. That's why we, a team of professional book formatters, try hard to take your book to the next level with our expert formatting.
We offer our book formatting services in the following categories;

Fiction Formatting
In fiction, an author needs to hold a reader's finger and get him through all the scenes. A perfect storyline, eye-catching visuals, and professional formatting are the ingredients to bring such a deep reader engagement to the table. Here, we can help you to format your fictional stories to grab readers' attention.
Non-Fiction Formatting
Memoirs, Biographies, Business & Finance, and Wellness categories can be included in non-fiction. For a professional touch, our expert boo formatters try really hard to uplift the overall presentation of your book. So, let us share your burden by formatting your manuscript in a presentable way.
Children's Book Formatting
The only way to captivate young readers' attention is to make a book visually appealing. That's why our team of professional book formatters always works hard to extend the shelf life of your writing. We pay special attention to each formatting part, from font size to vibrant layouts.
Poetry is a game of emotions and economy of language, where every word counts. A poet knows, how to get emotions and words danced together. And we know the actual value of your emotions and hard work; that's why we leave no stone unturned to make your manuscript more engaging, crispier, and eye-catching.
Academic Writing
Research work always demands sweaty efforts to be accomplished. Critical thinking, in-depth research, and precise writing skills are the ingredients to craft a perfect dissertation, thesis, and research paper. With all that hard work, research faces a dearth of time. Here, BookFormattingService comes to help researchers; thereby, they can polish their research in a better way. Research better, and leave the rest to us to craft a perfectly formatted paper.
Apart from all those categories, if you have any other genre-specific (horror, historical fiction, crime& detective) manuscript, we are always there to turn your manuscript into a masterpiece. Just let us know about your requirements, and get your desired formatted genre-specific book.

From Raw to Refined: Transforming Manuscripts

Experience the metamorphosis of your manuscript from a raw, unformatted document to a polished, professionally formatted book. See how proper formatting enhances readability, improves visual appeal, and elevates the overall quality of your content.


Why Choose Us?

Here are the following reasons for choosing our Book Formatting Service;

We have been serving in this field of book formatting for years. With years of experience, we have worked with different brands, researchers, fiction authors, kids’ book writers, and historians. That’s why we know the exact demands of authors and can deliver a perfectly crafted book.

We are a team of professional book formatters who share years of experience in this field. By working with our professionals, you will enjoy the journey of materializing your ideas into a well-formatted book. Just focus on your writings; we will handle the technicalities of crafting and publishing issues.

Our professional support team actively listens to your problems in book formatting with pertinent solutions. Just contact us at the given WhatsApp or mail address, and you will find us instantly.

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