Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Service

We are thesis and dissertation formatting service providers, we have a team of dissertation and thesis writers who ensure that the precise formatting standards required by dissertation committees are met. We understand your concern and hence we give you the best services to avoid rejections in the university. We ensure 100% quality services,we send you the final draft to be completely ready to publish.

We offer two types of thesis and dissertation formatting services, these are:

Layout Formatting ($3/pg.-$4/pg.): Our layout formatting service ensures that your dissertation or thesis complies with university guideline requirements, and covers the following elements of formatting:

  • Preliminary Pages
  • Pagination
  • Figures & Tables
  • Headings & Subheadings

Citation Style Formatting ($1/pg.-$2/pg.):In citation style formatting service we format parenthetical, footnote, or endnote citations and external reference lists etc.

NOTE:$2/pg. when ordered alone and $1/pg. when combined with proofreading or editing.Our normal rate for layout formatting is $3/pg. and this rate is discounted to $2/pg. when included with one of our proofreading or editing services. Please note that our layout service does not address the internal contents or arrangement of figure images or tables, these additional re-tabulation and design services are charged at the rate of $30 an hour.

Journal Formatting Service

We are experts in Journal Formatting, we have a team of professional editors who does the needful as and when required. You only need to send us the name of the journal you are submitting to and its website.

In the start of the work, our teamassess the journal’s guidelines and the authors select the type of formatting (e.g., research article, letter to the editor, or short communication) for their paper, abstract, and submission letter. Then, with this input, our team adapt your paper to fit the style guidelines of a specific journal or publisher.

Once our team has edited or translated your paper, we send you an open file of the edited version with the editors’ comments for reading and making desire changes and your feedback. Once you have accepted all of the changes and deleted the editor’s comments, you need to send us this version of your paper for formatting.Our services include:

  • Adapting text to suit style, spelling, and punctuation requirements
  • Reformatting references and citations
  • Reorganizing or renaming the main sections of manuscripts
  • Rearranging tables, figures, and legends
  • Adhering to special instructions (e.g., acronyms, units, and symbols)
  • Rearranging text

We ensure 100% quality formatting.


Planning to send your screenplay to the Agent? Not sure if everything is okay in it even after a spell check? We’ll make it look pro.

While it’s true that the more professional your screenplay looks, the higher your chances of an agent’s assistant or development executive recommending it.

And, of course, there’s no point in sending your screenplay out to producers, agents, and contests if it’s full of typos which your screenwriting app couldn’t catch. Don’t worry about your script formatting now, as we’ll put your script into proper screenplay format, as well as find and fix all errors — from punctuation to spelling to grammar — making it look and read as polished as possible before you send it out to producers and agents.

What we need from you in order to format your script is your script in an editable file format, such as Screenwriter, Final Draft, Microsoft Word, or any other editable file.

Please Note: We won’t be able to type your script in from scratch. Also, PDF files will not be formatted or proofread.

Turnaround time is 7 working days.

Our service includes:

  • Fixing punctuation, spelling, and usage
  • Fixing format (including margins, fonts, font styles, font sizes, and line spacing)
  • Creating a title page with the title and the writer’s name only
  • Formatted and proofread script file will be delivered to you as a Fadein file, Final Draft file, RTF file (for import into Microsoft Word and other apps), and PDF.


Do you encounter difficulty with your assignment quite often? Usually it happens, no matter how hard we work on our assignment but sometimes something is always left to be done and in most cases that something is paper formatting.

Lot of usdo not even know that there are different writing styles, like: Chicago, MLA, APA, etc. and majority of people can’t even guess about it until they are assigned to produce an academic work in one of the styles. Well, there is no need to worry if you do not know the peculiarities of formatting papers on these styles.

Now, you can leave your pieces of writing with us to format in the best suited style. We are the best paper formatting service provider, we pay attention to every detail as margins, page numbers, and font size. We are known for our quality formatting services.

You should know that you can always use quality editing and formatting service provided by us.If you need help with structuring your assignments. Our experts will assist you in organizing different types of papers in accordance with the peculiarities of the chosen style. You just need to provide our experts with your work and they will do everything properly.

We have a team of professionals and trained specialists, whodoes their best to write a work up to standard for you. We never compromise on quality, we strive to provide first-rate formatting service only. We always make sure that all instructions are followed, and the ordered piece of writing is structured and formatted well. Try our quick and good service!


Are you looking for a job change? Or Are you a fresher who is seeking a profile apt for you?

Whosoever you are, whether a professional with vast experience or a fresher with no or less experience. You resume is your first impression to the hiring manager, believe me “there is no second chance for first impression.” You already know that your resume speaks the most all about you. So what are you waiting for, let your resume speak and we are expert in making any resume speak wonderful things about you, all true. An ideal and well formatted resume always catch hold of an employer and the chances for grabbing a job become higher.

We are a Resume formatting service providers. We offer service to the individuals and thecompanies, our clients arefrom across the globe. This has given us a big scope of exposure also. We can help you showcase your skills and core areas in the most efficient manner. Your search ends with as we can provide the right resume formatting services.

We also provide best resume writing services for executive and professionals. Get access to our services. We have a team of professional resume writers, working with us offering an array of services writing resume, resumes cover letters, careers resume for global professional who want their resumes for specific job search.

Contact us to check some resume sample!


Looking for someone who can help you with MS word formatting?

Here is a good news, we are just a call away. We have dedicated resources that can provide word formatting help. Our team consists of a professional people who possess the required expertise.No matter what the volume of documents you have for formatting large or small, we are there to help you with. Formatting a word document needs a lot of time and specialized effort. To lessen your burden is our job, help you save a lot of time that you can utilize in some other productive work.

How can we help you?

Wehave expertise in the field and hence can assure you a totally changed and formatted layout of existing Word documents and which will look really appealing. We can help you with the customized styles which you would want to have for your documents. Our professionals are proficient at designing presentations, e-books, proposals and other similar things with the help of MS Word.

Why US?

We are known for the wide assortment of services it offers to global customers.

We offer word formatting services at a competitive price.

We have a team of extremely qualified professionals who are experts in their respective domain

We can make you word document an artistic piece.

We understand your needs, and hence execute the job as per your expectations.

We are known for delivering our services ahead of schedule

We never compromise on quality, 100% quality is guaranteed with us.

We are popular among our customers due to our timely delivery and quality services.

Avail our specialized services at the most competitive rates. Quality is guaranteed!


Book Layout Formatting Services

We are expert layout formatting services in the market. We are trustworthy, you can avail our services confidently. Keeping the layout consistent with the genre of the book, we can producean exceptionally perfect layout which is appealing, engaging and allows your readers to get lost in your story.

To format your book, we’ll need:

  • Your final, proofread manuscript in electronic format
  • Any extra details specific to the layout of your book

That’s all!!

With us you’ll get unlimited revisions.We prefer to stay in contact with the you throughout the process, to have time to time valued inputs from you, in order to translate them into the layout of your book.We provide formatting services for both eBook and print layouts. Also, we create both the design and the typesetter (otherwise known as layout or composition) from your manuscript. We will deliver you ready to publish copy.

All you need to do now is contact us!!

Book Interior Formatting Services

As an author it is your responsibility to give your readers a book, well-formatted and well designed, it is critical for your success in the field. All your toiling in manuscript goes vain if the final copy of your book is not engaging and enticing. Professional formatting is what is required to get all that you want.

Weare here to help you provide the best possible reading experience to your readers. Our staff of professional book designers will work with your input and create a custom layout to match the theme and message of your book. Westernly avoid using templates to design your book. Each book is custom designed by a real life professional book designer.We send you proofs of your designs to review and approve. We stand behind our work. And the best part of getting job done by us is; 100% quality guarantee!

Our Services Includes:

Black Text Design:

  • Black text printing only.
  • Images will be printed in grayscale.
  • Ideal for Novels and other general fiction, Biographies and Poetry books

Color Text Design:

  • Text and Images will be printed in full color.
  • Ideal for Cookbooks, Story books,Art & Photography books etc.

Manuscript Formatting Services

Any book just cannot be concluded with words or text, it has to be professionally formatted and designed as it is an important part of any book. A clear hierarchy and readable typeface help create a layout that is appealing to your readers.

Who would not want to have an exceptional piece of writing work?

We understand your concern and hence, provide you best manuscript formatting services. Every section you include in your manuscript (foreword, principal text, chapters, etc.) will be custom formatted to create a polished book. Before printing you will receive a PDF proof for approval from us. We offer both eBook and print manuscript formatting which is available in Black Text or Color Text Design as per your need.


EBooks are in fashion these days as readers find it uneasy to carry the hardcopy everywhere rather they prefer to carry their kindle along with them or they prefer to have soft copy of the book in their smart phones much easier to carry and read anywhere they want.

Why should we be your first choice for eBook formatting services?

We are expert eBook designers,we provide standard formatting for eBooks (ePub and .mobi) to make it look great and enjoyable on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Mobile device, NookTablets andeReaders, Nook from Barnes & Noble.

If you really want to have an eBook of your dreams and give the best reading experience to your readers, you should come to us as we are the one who can help you accomplish your dream: How?? You want to know. Do read then…

  • Ours is a team of professionaleBook designers.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction, hence, custom-made eBooks are created here that matches the theme and message of your eBook.
  • We strictly prohibit using templates to design your eBook.
  • Sendyou formatted proof in ePub for you to review and approve.
  • We carefully select font families, title page setup, front matter, chapter headers, and everything that matters to your eBook.
  • Customised format, with an inviting page hierarchy and clear typeface designed to keep your readers engaged.
  • Every section (foreword, dedication, chapters, etc.) will be custom formatted to create anexquisite eBook layout.
  • Aesthetic matters, keeping that in mind we give your eBook a pleasing style and appearanceto make it look professionally published eBooks.
  • Your inputs are always welcomed.
  • 100% quality guarantee.